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    Pham Thi Hau- CEO and founder of Light Foreign Language Training Co., Ltd. The company was established on December 16, 2016, to meet the demand for foreign language acquisition. Up to now, the company has expanded its service area with a head office in Hiep An ward and two branches in Tuong Binh Hiep and Phu Loi wards.
    With the mission of providing the best learning environment for students of all levels and ages as well as expanding the range of activities to serve the needs of learning English locally. From the early days of establishment, Light Foreign Language Training Co., Ltd. has proudly trained many generations of students with many different degrees and needs throughout Binh Duong province. At the same time, Light Foreign Language Training Co., Ltd always has a social responsibility as a place for poor students to exchange and develop English through free extracurricular programs and clubs.
    I have worked hard on this project. However, that would not be possible without the consent and help of many individuals and organizations. Without the proper direction and guidance of everyone, this study would not have been successful. This semester, I am working on the topic of temporary corporate jobs. Through seven weeks in temporary positions at Light Foreign Language Training Co., Ltd., I have gathered some important knowledge about these encounters and they will be valuable for my future work. mine. Most importantly, I have taken an important example of compromise while working together. Thereafter, I absorbed the performance experience and working style of educators as well as teachers. Finally, I understand that I am particularly fortunate to have been in contact with the workspace as well as the individuals here.
    During my preparation, I understood that awareness is the key ingredient to uncovering the main driver of an issue. In my projects, I collaborate with my associates and administrators to decide issues. In addition, the project in a roundabout way encouraged me to adapt freely, teach myself, gain knowledge, gain confidence, to improve my competence and problem-solving abilities. In addition, my ability to relate is also strengthened when talking to other people. I have received analysis and guidance from others when botches were made. Until I knew that in order to overcome the obstacles, I needed to change myself and stay away from making the same mistakes again. In addition, I also built my social abilities through various exercises that I did. In short, the exercises that I have learned are very valuable to me in the future.

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