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    Name: Nguyễn Thị Trúc Giang
    Student’s code: 1922202010404
    Class: D19AV07

    First of all, I would like to thank Thu Dau Mot University for creating conditions for me during this internship and I would like to express my sincere thanks to the teacher who has directly helped, cared, and guided me to complete this report in the past. The internship is a very valuable opportunity to experience the most real, professional working environment while attending education. In addition to putting my academic knowledge into practice over the course of seven weeks, Anh Sang Foreign Language Training Limited Liability Company also builds the groundwork for my future career.

    Although my internship lasted only seven weeks, it was tremendously beneficial to me and gave me more practical work experience than I had anticipated. I had the chance to put my four English language skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—to practice in this internship course. Along with my advances in speaking, listening, translating, and writing, working and creating meeting reports gave me the opportunity to learn Word and Excel. With the help of other instructors, my abilities to use computers and other modern devices like printers and picture machines are steadily improving. In order for me to gain a ton of useful experience for my future profession, the instructors and personnel at Anh Sang Foreign Language Training Limited Liability Company have been passionate about pointing out my mistakes. I realized how much my English grammar, listening comprehension, and translation abilities have improved. My internship enabled me to learn a great deal about my field. I’ve had the opportunity to translate numerous significant texts and teach students English. Teachers and staff at the center gave me confidence-building advice on how to properly translate documents or interpret them in front of a public. The ability to interpret was another talent I might apply to my career in the future thanks to this internship training. My final acquired skill from my internship was teaching ability. I’ve had experience working as a teacher’s assistant. I became aware of how much my English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation had improved when teaching and explaining grammar structures to pupils. Along with learning a ton of important knowledge and teaching techniques from them, I also absorbed some of their priceless soft skills, like time management and communication. This opportunity will undoubtedly be beneficial to my future employment. When I worked here, the instructors and personnel of Anh Sang Foreign Language Training Limited Liability Company greatly assisted me. When I was approachable and cordial with everyone in a welcoming work atmosphere, I started to feel more confident.

    During this internship, I have a lot of problems and challenges. But thanks to that, I have the ability to handle those challenges. I learn how to convince others and feel myself. Stand in the context of others. Since then, I can apply persuasion skills to my daily life. Moreover, the practice also helps me have the opportunity to interact with many people and helps my communication skills are growing more and more. This is my most exciting experience internship, which has helped me to have a lot of valuable experiences.


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