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    With this corporate internship, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work at Holland English Center, located in An Thanh, Thuan An, Binh Duong. The center specializes in teaching English, for all grades, from kids to high school, mainly there teaching according to the Cambridge program. The main goal of teaching at the center is to create excitement for students to learn English so that children can be exposed to English at an early age.

    Since this was the second corporate internship, I was not as nervous or nervous as the first time. With this internship, we were exposed to a large enterprise for a period of nearly 2 months, equivalent to 12 days. Through 12 days of internship in the center of Holland, I have learned a lot and learned a lot of practical knowledge in an educational environment that I never had when I was in school. For me, an internship is not only about improving my level, but it is also a way to guide me to see what I am suitable for. After 12 days, although it is not long, it is not too little, for me these are 12 precious days for a student like me, to experience real exposure. In Holland, I am assigned classes to teach, and our students are trained in a methodical manner in communication skills, body language, and teaching skills and regulations at the center when coming to work. I can communicate and improve my skills every day by conveying knowledge to students and I can use knowledge to teach them. In addition, I also had some seniors who have taught there for a long time to share and impart experiences that could not be learned anywhere, such as how to manage the class well, and how to create an atmosphere in the class or deal with parents in such a way that parents feel they are being cared for and make a good impression of a teacher in an educational environment. When I did my internship in Holland, I saw a standard and professional training style. I feel that the Center always wants to make sure that the staff or trainees they train can confidently teach students with the most dedication and let parents feel secure when sending their children here to study. Through this training, I also gained a lot of experience in teaching, moreover, I also discovered my strengths and weaknesses. I will continue to stay at the center to develop more for myself in the future as well as in my studies.

    Anyway, I think Holland English center is an ideal place to work for students to develop and work, besides this is also a useful subject for students who want to get out of their comfort zone and want to explore themselves, through which I hope the next students will try to pursue and constantly learn and develop through this subject. I believe that each individual has the ability to create strength. Let’s make things what we want and need to make develop ourselves in the future.


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