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    Nguyen Bui Hai Phuong – 1922202010262 – D19AV07

    I am fortunate to have the opportunity to practice at Starlight Binh Duong English center with 100% foreign teachers.
    The center is located at F108-109, 11th street, Hiep Thanh 3, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong. This is one of the few English centers in Binh Duong that directs students to standard English resources at an extremely reasonable cost. At the center, foreign teachers often apply the method of learning while talking, connecting directly with students. Through that, students are trained to listen – speak English very well and quickly, improve communication skills and no longer feel afraid to speak English.
    Here, I was mentored and trained by Ms. Hue to adapt to the internship and working environment here. Starting with the first meeting, Ms. Hue introduced some work of the interns such as preparing learning materials, learning tools for the class, helping foreign teachers, and official teaching assistants. In the center, help support club activities every Tuesday and Thursday. During the internship, one of my favorite internships was club activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There, students had fun, participated in a competition to review old lessons, and participated in competitions, participating in games to get a good score for my team, being able to practice on such a day helps me gain a lot of experience in listening and speaking skills because I have to become an interpreter if students do not understand the words of foreign language teachers. Besides, I was also involved in helping the teacher of a preschool class. Here, in addition to keeping watch and keeping order for the students, the necessary help for them is the intern’s duty. Starlight is a center with a very dynamic and professional learning and working environment. The teachers, teaching assistants and students are all very friendly and help me a lot. If the foreign language teacher speaks too fast and I can’t understand, they will slow down so I can understand better.
    I really appreciate this when I practice right here. However, this also speaks to the weaknesses that I have and know how to improve it. Not only that, but also know your own strengths and promote them more. Through the internship at the center, it helps me know how to improve my foreign language ability, gain a lot of experience when working in a company environment and gain many lessons for my future work. I am very grateful to the center for creating conditions for me to practice and the dedicated guidance of mentor Ms. Hue.
    Link gg drive:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FjWwQTtLyAR0QW-tiqw3s-ERreZr-LTu?usp=sharing

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