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    Time has passed so quickly, that day is also coming to the end of the internship period at Smart World Hi-tech Co., Ltd. A meaning ful time for me, a girl who is not familiar with working at the company today was hired by the company as a consultant. Although the internship period was relatively short, only 2 months, but I have learned many useful things, accumulated for myself a lot of valuable experiences for my future career. My memories with smart world high-tech Co., Ltd. were originally training sessions on equipment in the classroom. The company and the times of doing lab practice and learning more about customer consulting knowledge until the end of the time but still have not finished configuring the device. Pham Cong Thanh always teaches new things to gain more experience. Then the last term of the university period also came, the pressure of writing the thesis, and the final subjects, including the graduation internship, made me nervous. Once again, smart world high-tech Co., Ltd. is the place that gave me the opportunity, to be exposed to actual network devices, to consult customers to say things that I might be shy about now. dare not do dare not speak. Intern can speak like a real technician. During my time at school as well as internship at Smart World Hi-tech Co., Ltd., what impressed me the most was the company’s culture, a culture of good character. What is that? It is the openness, friendliness and dedication of the staff. It is the “fire-spreading” enthusiasm of the teachers in charge of teaching. A warm atmosphere spreads, encouraging smiles and spiritual encouragement are often found here. The first day of internship, contrary to the feeling of anxiety and surprise often seen in other students, to me, Smart World Company is already too familiar and close. He became a guide to me how to press the computer and showed me the tools to be able to advise other such as paint price list or related types. He also shared how to arrange his work, so that it is most convenient and fast. Every day going to practice at smart world high-tech Co., Ltd is a new joy. An indescribable feeling, perhaps I will never be able to forget it. I would like to express my sincere and deepest thanks to the whole family of Smart World Hi-tech Co., Ltd. Wishing all brothers, sisters, teachers always have good health and success in life, wish Smart World Hi-tech Co., Ltd. to always grow stronger and stronger.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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