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    Hello everyone, my name is Nguyen Kim Phuc. I am a 2nd year student majoring in English at Thu Dau Mot University.
    Internship is an indispensable subject in every student’s life and so am I. In the 3rd semester of my 2nd school year, I had the first internship in my student life and the main topic of this internship was “Service Learning”. In fact, this activity has appeared in Western countries such as the United State, United Kingdom, and so on for such a long time, but it has only been introduced to universities in Vietnam recently. In particular, Thu Dau Mot University has also quickly applied this activity as a subject for students to have the opportunity to get real experience and help the community as well as themselves. Because it has only appeared in Vietnam recently, this concept is still quite foreign to many people. That’s why
    people often confuse this activity with internships or volunteering. So first we need to understand the concept of service learning.
    Service Learning, also known as community service learning, is understood as a learning experience associated with community service work according to certain plans and goals and orientations. Service learning is the coordination and cooperation between 4 components: school, lecturers, community and students. Service Learning is to bring the knowledge and theory that we have learned in school and apply it to community service activities. And from those activities, they will help learners to enrich their knowledge and clarify the relevant theoretical content. Personally, I find this activity very practical and meaningful because it is not only beneficial for students but also the community.

    I started this internship earlier in the 2nd semester of my 2nd year at the Falculty of Foreign Language office, Thu Dau Mot University. The office where I work is in block I2, which is located on street 06, Tran Van On, Phu Hoa ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province. Let’s me talk a little about the chance that made me have the opportunity to practice at the Faculty Office. During the inspection of the English language program, the faculty office had a lot of work and the lecturers wer e very busy, so the faculty deci ded to recruit some students to practice at the faculty. After receiving the notice from the academic advisor, I did not hesitate to immediately join because I was a student majoring in English, thus when I was able to practice in an environment about my major. This would
    help me develop my English skills. Besides, I am also very excited because I can apply the knowledge I have learned to help a part of the work for the teachers. Having said that, this internship has given me a lot of useful knowledge, such as word processing or excel skills, how to print and translate documents, process data, organize data as well as find sources of books and materials to serve the teaching work of lecturers. Moreover, this course also opens up the opportunity for me to meet more friends and teachers. From there, it also helps to expand my own relationships.

    Personally, I find that community service learning activities are very meaningful and useful. Hopefully, this activity will be more and more interested by young people, especially students, to make themselves, the community and the country develop more and more in a positive direction.


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