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    The organization that I chose for my internship is Becamex Hotel New City. The hotel is located on Hung Vuong Street, Phu Hoa Ward, Hoa Phu, Binh Duong Province, in the new downtown area of Binh Duong, the first smart city in Vietnam, just a few steps to the Administration Center. Binh Duong province, IDC Corporation, Exhibition Convention Center, convenient for moving to offices, businesses, government agencies, industrial parks and enjoy surrounding facilities such as banks Restaurants, shopping centers, golf courses, large supermarkets, Becamex Hotel New City is a great place not only for business people but also a place to experience and explore this lovely city. With a unique and impressive design with lots of green areas and flower gardens, lakes, Becamex Hotel New City’s space is a harmonious and sophisticated architecture with 315 rooms including 146 hotel rooms. and 169 apartments, convenient for short and long-term stay needs. With the criterion “Stay with us, feel like home”, the hotel always provides the best services to help people have moments of rest and relaxation like being in their own home. Those are the great reasons that I choose Becamex Hotel New City to gain experience and knowledge. There are two things I look forward to when participating in this project: practical experience, care and guidance. The first thing I want is to gain practical experience: how to work in a company, how to apply the knowledge learned in work, working style. I have heard many times the saying “Go and come” and rightly so, what begins has to end. For me, when I started my internship, that was when I started walking, and now when I’m sitting here to write my mood lines, I’ve reached the stop. My name is Pham Ho Thien Huong, second year student at Thu Dau Mot University. All of our students have to undergo internships at companies, which is one of the conditions for us to prepare for graduation. And by chance as well as luck, I got an internship at Becamex Hotel New City. Before my internship, I was very concerned about choosing the right internship for me. My internship tutor gave many suggestions for internship options such as compassion classes, orphanages, foreign language centers, import and export companies, etc. And of course I learned a lot about internship places, including Becamex hotel. After researching, this hotel attracted me a lot for its service quality and luxurious beauty. In particular, this hotel has won four prestigious awards such as “Best Hotel in Vietnam”, “Best Conference Hotel in Asia”, “Typical General Manager in Vietnam” and “Best Hotel in Asia” at the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards 2020. Therefore, I think this is the right place for me to experience internships and hone the necessary skills for my future work. On the first day of the interview, we were accepted and started working that day. My feeling is indescribable when working in such a large and professional organization for the first time. Coming to Becamex Hotel, I got an internship at Tastes restaurant, guided by Ms. Ngan. First, we were instructed to choose the right uniform with black trousers and a white shirt, with a blue bow around the neck. After that, we were taken to the restaurant and met all of our colleagues there, especially Ms. Ngan, the manager of Becamex restaurant. There was a bit of nervousness and anxiety. After that, we were taught simple tasks in the restaurant, such as cleaning knives, spoons, forks, plates và setting up snapkin. After being instructed in those tasks, Ms. Ngan let us go home early to prepare full clothes and shoes for the next day. The second day I was in a real working environment, I had to interact with many people, how to behave, how to work… I had to mentally prepare myself a lot, but it seemed inevitable. From the awkwardness, in my heart immediately showed the nervousness and anxiety of a student with wet feet walking out. And then when I caught the smile, when the friendliness from the brothers and sisters appeared, I felt like I was more spiritual, the initially foreign emotions were now familiar and had their own imprint in me. When working with Ms. Ngan, I have my own worries, worrying about whether the assigned work will be completed in the best way, worrying about how I will be satisfied or worried that she will not like a certain person, who is not good at talking like me, it was all in my mind at that time. I tried and told myself that I had to make a lot of effort, until contacting and working with her, the emotions became more positive. I feel very happy when she cares, instructs, she is very dedicated to guide, her gentle voice seems to increase motivation to try to complete the task. Through this internship, I learned a lot: Learn more about their relationship with the communities I’m in. Learn more about my ability to serve others. Improve their decision making and gain other career-relevant skills. Better understand the meaning of responsibility for work. Raise awareness of discipline. Especially, accumulate useful knowledge for yourself, both to meet the current job requirements and to effectively support the actual work in the future.

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