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    Ms. Phan Thi Hau is a CEO as well as a fouder of the center. She has over ten years of teaching experience. She always told our interns that “Children are the young shoots of the country, must impart the best and most complete knowledge”.
    Anh Sang English Center was established in 2016, the address of the center is 196 Phan Dang Luu, Hiep An, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. Hotline : 0937 141 101
    When I came to the center for 4 weeks, I learned and got closer to my passion – teaching. I always wanted to have the opportunity to teach anywhere, with this internship I just thought that I was an assistant teacher with other teachers, and never had a chance to teach, and Ms. Nguyet- the manager helped me fulfill that wish and thanks to that I had the opportunity to fulfill my passion and dream.
    In addition,I was supported by other teachers in teaching assistants, how to help students learn in the best way. teaching for me is a terrible thing but other teachers encouraged me a lot and told me to “see students as your own children” which helps me to be more motivated . Although I had a lot of difficulties at first, I tried to impart all the knowledge I had to my students
    Next, it helps me to have more confidence when standing on the podium, imparting knowledge to students. I am quite shy in front of a crowd so I never dared to stand alone, but after being here, I have reduced my shyness and increased my confidence.
    And most importantly, I get to use my professional knowledge to practice in a real environment. And most importantly, I get to use my expertise to practice in a real-world environment. Until now I was always looking for ways to develop spoken language, because this skill of mine was quite weak. Here, I can speak English freely so that my students are more motivated to study and help me develop myself every day.

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