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    AEC is an English center located in Hiep Thanh residential area, Binh Duong district, and was established in 2020 by Mr. Châu Duy Trùng Dương who has a great desire to help Vietnamese children escape from the fear of learning English. He shared that he was a student who hated and was scared of English when he was in primary school. He had experienced that effortless feeling for many years in childhood so it inspired him to organize a center that can assist the student in conquering this language and lead them to not lose their fond hopes in English. Operating for 2 years, the center has attracted many students in the Thu Dau Mot city area, and almost all of them have spent 2 years learning here. The teachers are all English native speakers that ensure the teaching quality in pronunciation for students. Here is the organization’s structure with four Teaching assistants who are responsible for supporting foreign teachers in every lesson, the founder and manager as well is responsible for administering the center, arranging the schedule, and other activities

    Being a part of AEC and contributing to the organization is my honor despite my still-limited competence and that allowed me to get experience in working as a team and in an English environment that reinforces my necessary skills for the future job. I got much anxious and confused on the first day of the internship because adapting to the new environment and strangers’ fear brought me such big pressure and worry whether or not I can handle this new challenge. Luckily, I received assistance from the instructor and other trainees so I gladly spent two months learning many helpful things and making some not only kind-hearted but also intelligent friends.
    During the internship process, I have worked diligently and obtained essential knowledge not only the specialist skills but also the soft skills that surely reinforce my competence in cooperating with colleagues in the furute. It offered me a precious opportunity to approach closely the English environment and to get familiar with the way people interact, discuss and work with each other in the office. Otherwise, there’re still limitations I encountered such as Almost the English center received enough trainees for the internship so I spent days searching for the available position, and this center still hasn’t had the seal stamp that is required in the report. Fortunately, thanks to the lecturer’s help, this report still be acceptable as usual. About the knowledge from the education program, few of them are applied during the internship process because my major tends to learn more about commercials, however, it somehow still gives me a stable foundation in language that assists me significantly in working time.
    All the necessary knowledge is provided by the subjects which include in an education program that provides us an inial fundamental while working in an English environment, however, the quality of lessons seem not to be assured because some textbooks are not utilized during the course and all of them are just theories without efficient practice.
    There’re some rules were taken out from this training course and should be memorized in any aspect when working in a new environment for students:
    1. All working situations require a kind of distance between people. Especially, trying to get a close relationship with students sometimes could be counterproductive and leads to some unexpected troubles.
    2. Being on time and having an appropriate appearance in the working place. These manners must be set as compulsory things in students’ mindset to be professional people in the office.
    3. Completing all the assignments before the deadline to avoid asking for an extension that could make a negative impression on the advisor.
    4. Getting well prepared for a new lesson to make sure anything is ready for students.
    In conclusion, practical experiences need to be gone through by each person to get the most realistic understanding because practice and theory are entirely different from each other and rely on a variety of factors. Therefore, these shared experiences are just for reference from my point of view.

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