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    During my internship, I got acquainted and practiced at Starlight English Center. Starlight Binh Duong is an English center with 100% foreign teachers. The teaching space is spacious and friendly, each class has an enthusiastic Vietnamese teaching assistant who loves children. After the internship here, it helped me to complete the meaningful internship period very well.
    The internship at the center was not long, but it helped me learn a lot. On the first day of coming to the center, I met and got acquainted with the managers and teachers at the center. Everyone is happy and friendly to support me during my internship. Linh is the one who helps me arrange my time as well as guide me in everything I need to do. I support teachers to help arrange students, homework and prepare everything before classes start. The children here are all very cute, they listen attentively when they study. In addition to the classroom lessons, there are also practical lessons in club activities or drawing lessons, which have many skills to help children develop thinking and not get bored. Here are some pictures of children together taking part in a creative drawing class.
    I feel happy and excited to experience this internship. I got acquainted with very good teaching methods from the teachers here. Especially when helping foreign teachers, I can also talk with teachers, this is an interesting thing that helps me learn more communication skills, how to get acquainted and listen. Although sometimes I don’t understand well, I still try to do my best to translate for the children in the most accurate way. I am very happy that every day I can support the teachers and help the students here. There are many students who love me even though my internship period is not long. But everything gives me many feelings and emotions that are indescribable. I consider myself lucky to have found a very good internship. From Ms. Hue, the center’s director, Ms. Linh, the manager and the teachers are all very enthusiastic and friendly to help. Linh was the one who guided me in everything when I first entered. I feel very happy to be able to practice at Starlight, helping me to learn many things. Helped me realize many things I need to improve and learn. And I also gained a lot of experience from the teachers and students working here, giving me the motivation to try harder.
    I am very grateful to Starlight English Center for helping me successfully complete my internship. The moments of memories in a short time make me very happy. I will try to absorb all the experience I have learned in the past time to perfect myself well.


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