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    When I entered this internship, I felt that this was a friendly and suitable environment for me, the instructor gave me the best advice to do the job in the most complete and effective way and the company who supported me in terms of eating and drinking and resting after finishing work, I feel that this will be a suitable place for me to stick and develop myself and my work after graduation. In addition, the company has many countries linked together, so I also learned a lot of experience in doing business, but the most important thing is to learn other languages and improve my English later. the process of interning and working with foreign managers, of course, there will be some shortcomings in adjusting the work so that it is suitable for students, but for me it is both a challenge. really in life, it’s about making myself fight to gain experiences and opportunities for myself, I find that with the company’s thoughtfulness and enthusiasm for students, this must be a place Ideal for you to experience and discover new things in life skills. I’ll start by discussing service learning. In order to give students with a practical, progressive learning experience and to address social issues, service-learning is an educational strategy that blends learning goals with volunteer work. Additionally, it was a turning moment in my development as a person of maturity and social experience. As a 20-year-old, I believe that the best thing we can do for the world is to study as much as we can and gain as much experience as we can, so that we can help those who are less fortunate and eventually advance the nation. And so I began to learn a lesson about service learning. I believe I am about to begin a new challenge in my life. To get good outcomes, I’ll probably need to work hard and do my very best, which will provide me new knowledge and beneficial experiences for my future. What I most anticipate in this subject is being able to equip myself with new abilities for study and for society. In order to get along with people and learn to share work with them, for instance, I can develop my collaboration abilities. More social communication abilities are also there, which will improve my ability to converse with strangers in the future. In addition, I hope to develop more self-control and the ability to complete tasks without prompting. And I believe that being able to be an actual “adult” is what matters most to me. However, aside from that, there are a few other issues that genuinely bother me. In other words, I lack knowledge on this subject and any social skills. I worry that I won’t be able to do well in this topic and that the challenges I encounter will demoralize me. But no matter what, I’m committed to put in a lot of effort and try my hardest to be able to get the finest outcomes. I’m sure I’ll be able to arm myself with the essential academic knowledge and social skills after this training.

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