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    My work placement is Tu Duy Tre foreign language and mathematics center which location in Bui Thi Xuan Street, Tan Binh ward, Di An city,Binh Duong. Beside it is a famous center about education every subject for primary, secondary, high school and basic communication for adults in Di An city. In addition, my company not only is a great educational center but only very responsible for staff. In my center, it total have fifty-seven people, include: staff, trainers, students practice, reception. In here, everyone is so kind, rich experience and friendly. CEO of TU DUY TRE foreign Language and Mathematics Center, her name is Truong Thi Kieu Diem who is instructor for me at the center. TU DUY TRE foreign Language and Mathematics Center which built in 2017 and have had experience in education kids for four years.

    The first time, my company just training for kids about Math, Physics, Vietnamese literacy. After six months, it just has taught English language so my company had experience in English for three years. I know that Vietnam have a lot of another center but I choose it. Because of it is a first company that it selected me. Additionally, it helped over seventy children whom had Cambridge. In addition, it has trained over thirty thinking math teachers to do work in here and other schools, center or other company. Especially, it has six foreign teachers to help children improve the best about pronunciation, listening and speaking skill. The achievements of center, in 15 November 2022, it received trophies and exclusive certificates in thinking math and the upcoming English for kids.Moreover, I very happy so much when i get an opportunity to have a job in here which is not only friendly but also hard-working, that makes me more serious.

    In addition, my occupation is the center receptionist. Therefore, my daily job is customer consulting by direct or online service. My daily job is also writing gmail to foreign teachers about the schedule. After lesson the end, students waiting for their parents in the waiting room with me to avoid disturbing the next class or going out of the center. That creates opportunities for bad people. In addition, for new classes with foreign teachers in the first week. I will be arranged to study with the children, because they find it strange to cry or run out of the room. Besides, for trainees like me, I will have the opportunity to communicate with them so my English skill improve better than myself in the past. Sometimes, my company organizing small festivals party on the occasion of the festival so that students, teachers and receptionists like me have the opportunity to have fun and have the opportunity to interact with each other, making me love my working environment more. Now, I am still working in this job. Especially, the center will be welcomes interns, if the interns have responsibility for their job.

    In my eyes, This is a very memorable, hands-on journey that has helped me a lot. Especially communication skills because I am a self-conscious and quiet person. But because of the feelings of people in the center for me and the work situation has made me more confident and open. As for my working skills, my computer skills are getting better, for example, my typing time is not too long as before, besides, I have had the opportunity to interact with foreigners. My speaking and listening skills have gotten better and also more confident in my communication skills. Last words, I thank the school and my instructors for helping me complete the subject. Especially is Ms. Diem helped a lot of thing for my job and support.

    Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/19OwfNLa1zicpH3DmNlFRdEjYyEGIkap6

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