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    Nhat Thong Trading – Services – Construction Company Limited – a dynamic and friendly environment, that was what I felt from the beginning to the internship. Le Van Khanh – CEO and founder of Nhat Thong Trading – Services – Construction Company Limited. This company was located at 201, Nguyen Chi Thanh, quarter 5, Tuong Binh Hiep Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Dương Province As a student coming out of school, I always wanted to find a place where I could learn and improve the knowledge that I had learned in school, And Nhat Thong Trading – Services – Construction Company Limited is where we came from.
    Coming here, we were really experienced with practical work, which every new graduate wanted. With a dynamic, and friendly, fast-friendly professional working environment had really left me impressed. The first day I came to practice at Nhat Thong Trading – Services – Construction Company Limited, I was very nervous, but when we came here, Nhat Thong Company’s brothers and sisters created all the conditions to help me complete the internship well and completed my graduation internship. At this place, we were enthusiastically guided, created all conditions for us to study and experience the work. Through a period of internship here, I like other students studied and learned the actual work of my major that what I wanted while I were sitting in the classroom. At the company, I learned how to work professionally, learned a lot from the experiences of my predecessors. And it was here that I had the right and complete view of the specialization I have studied that was the English studies. I have gained more knowledge, experiences as well as training an important part of the personality form the real working environment. Being able to intern in such a professional environment company. It is inevitable that I felt it difficult and somewhat pressured. But that was not why I couldn’t adapt to this new environment. With Mr. Tan’s guidance, the enthusiastic support of the brothers and sisters in my company, I found that I was more motivated and confident when Mr. Tan gave me the feeling of working in a serious but comfortable, dynamic environment. I was really happy to be able to complete this process. And Nhat Thong company has created job opportunities for students to practice. The seniors had facilitated and were quite flexible for us in terms of time. Our problems, our questions were answered very quickly. At the same time, if students wanted to arrange time for us to tour the American companies that were working. I have been able to study with other students, interacted and experienced together to make the atmosphere happy, no longer pressured helped me improve my shortcomings, developed the necessary soft skills, I realized that I have made a lot of progress.
    Working at the company after graduation was really what I dreamed of. Because here, we could reach our full potential and worked in a dynamic, professional and friendly environment. I was very grateful to Mr. Tan for accepting me for my internship, gave me the opportunity to study and work at the company. Thank you for guiding me throughout the internship and helping me gain access to and better understand the work of an administrative office internship, as well as the training sessions you have given me many valuable lessons and practical experiences. I believed that with the talented, dynamic staff, Nhat Thong Company would quickly become a strong company in the field of manufacturing construction materials at home and abroad.

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