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    Jade Palace Restaurant is located on Binh Duong Boulevard of Becamex hotel. Jade Palace restaurant is famous for Chinese dishes but the price is highly affordable. The restaurant space is elegant and sophisticated. Because it is located in the Grand Square convention center, Jade Palace restaurant owns an extremely luxurious space with unique architecture in the style of Chinese restaurants. This place is also an ideal place for parties and meetings with such a luxurious and sophisticated space, Jade Palace restaurant of course becomes an extremely suitable place to organize parties and birthdays. birthday, year-end. The specialty of Jade Palace restaurant is traditional Chinese dishes and the most prominent one is dim sum. Some of the best sellers can be mentioned as roasted suckling pig, Kinh Do ribs, Shanghai spicy and sour soup, Sichuan tofu, and cypress crab claws. The menu also has a lot of frugal soups and dishes so you can adjust the taste after enjoying the savory dishes. In addition, if you want to experience high-class cuisine, you can refer to and consider choosing dishes such as chicken soup with fish fins, seafood with squash, ginseng fins, and crab meat soup.
    After 3 years of accompanying my English major, along with the teachers and friends in the class, I feel that I have made the right choice. During the learning process, in addition to the practical knowledge in the lecture hall, in order for our students to have direct experience and direct contact with real knowledge, the school, and the faculty have arranged for us many opportunities. Internship, contact with businesses as well as customers. Each internship brings me a unique feeling and valuable lessons. Serving staff is a profession that requires high communication skills and ingenuity. I feel that an internship at Jade Palace restaurant will help me improve my English communication skills with foreigners. That’s why I decided to do an internship at Jade Palace restaurant. Besides that excitement, there was also anxiety because for the first time I was personally exposed to and experienced the work that my major followed. I worry that I won’t be able to keep up with the pace of work, not have enough experience, and will make mistakes here. However, when I arrived at Jade Palace restaurant, I was greeted by the extremely open and approachable staff. In the first session
    at the restaurant, I was assigned appropriate positions by the staff, along with instructions before the first day of work. The next period is a very meaningful day for me – a language student who worked like a real staff with service style, posture, directly communicating, and serving customers foreign goods here… Those are the first valuable lessons that the school and the business have brought to me.
    When I practice at Jade Palace restaurant, I see a meticulous, standard, and professional training style. I feel that Jade Palace always wants to make sure that the employees or interns they train can serve customers with the utmost dedication and let customers have a thorough service experience and level.

    After a month of being allowed to practice by the school and with the help of teachers, and uncles there, I have been exposed to learning from experience and consolidating what I have learned. Especially, I have learned some experience in communication skills with foreigners, how to prepare Chinese food, and improved my skills as well as the manners of a waiter. The knowledge that has been trained along with the experience accumulated in the learning process, will be the foundation for my future work.


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