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    When I started the service learning course, I also had to search for numerous English language centers and businesses that required student assistance. However, I decided to complete the internship at the Ha Lan English Center. Since this is close to where I currently reside, I have no trouble moving to the internship site. Additionally, this facility offers a contemporary, flexible, and innovative learning environment. They teach many different generations, particularly students, in English. I have been accepted by the center as an intern as a lecturer for students who missed class or bad students. After completing the internship, I received a lot of fascinating and helpful experiences here. I gained knowledge on how to create comprehensive lectures. In addition, I will plan quick activities or mini-games for the kids to play throughout each lecture. I have acquired some useful experiences through my practical experiences during my internship. If I constantly rely on the prompts of my lecturers and friends while in school, I’ll have to proactively demonstrate that I’m capable of obtaining good internship outcomes and practical knowledge while interning. In all spheres of society, employees are expected to carry out their given duties and boost the business’s earnings. Therefore, if I do not actively look for chances to grow, I will thus lag behind. The second experience that I took away from this course s how to behave with people in various roles within an agency, business, or company. Because they do not know how to interact with each person appropriately, it will be very challenging for an intern to deal with the office environment. This is considered the first challenge I faced on my first day of coming to the center. Good behavior skills are also one of the factors that help you make a good impression on employers and business owners. Moreover, building relationships also have a significant impact on workplace environments. Another way to make the class more interesting is when I teach preschool or elementary school, I also take the time to introduce myself and get to know the pupils specially. They may form a positive first impression of you as a result, and the class will be exciting and fun. Each of these 12 internships left me with fond memories and gave me a taste of what it means to be a teacher. I was initially very concerned because I wasn’t sure if I could carry out this responsibility as assigned well. Fortunately, everyone at the Dutch English center is very adorable and amiable. They have helped me learn a lot, supported, helped, and facilitated me to try with different ages of students. I believe that the subject of service learning has helped me become more responsible, mature, and persistent in my pursuit of the best outcomes. After finishing the internship, I hope that I will be able to demonstrate the skills I gained at the English center and show my best in the following report and results.

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