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    Everybody has their own favorite animals, and cats are my favorite one. Most of them have smooth fur with many different colors such as yellow, black, white or tabby. Domestic cats are very popular in the community of animal lovers. People say that cats have a very cold personality and they don’t seem to show any affection or love for their owners. But most of them love to be stroked, and they are extremely intelligent and loyal if the owner treats them well. And I’m a huge cat lover and I’ve got myself an incredibly adorable kitten. Its plumage is white and yellow. It has a lovely pink nose with brown eyes and short tail. I decided to name it Rice. She enjoyed chasing things moving in my house. She seemed to enjoy that. Her daily life is also very interesting, every morning she goes out to sunbathe while using herr little red tongue to clean his fur, then she will ask to eat breakfast and roll into bed for a short nap before lunch. It spends most of its time eating and sleeping. She was a playful cat and showed a lot of love to my family, and people always praised her. Since I got Rice, my love for cats has grown. Cats have always been my favorite animal, whenever I come home after a hard day’s work I often come to hug Rice. She seemed to understand my actions, so Rice often responded in a very cute way.
    However, there are also a few animals that I don’t like, such as rats. Rats are a rodent and they often live in dirty and foul places. Therefore, they carry a lot of types of diseases that are dangerous to humans. They will have a black plumage and sharp teeth so if they hide in the house it will cause a lot of trouble for people’s lives. Rats are an extremely dangerous animal, they can bite things around and especially destroy the crops of farmers. As mentioned above, rats carry many pathogens such as rabies, Hantavirus, Leptospirose and many others. Every year rats breed a lot, so it is really difficult to destroy them.

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