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    My name is Le Vu Ngoc Hien, I am in class D20KETO05. I am an animal lover especially dogs, so my dad gave me a small dog for my 18th birthday. I was very happy and surprise when I met that dog. It’s a poodle. The dog has brown and very curly hair, big and black eyes. My sister and I named it Holly. We  made a house out of cardboard and old towels. Holly is a naughty dog, it bites my pillows. But Holly is very smart, when my father trained her, she stopped doing that. Holly’s favorite food is sausage. My father often uses sausage to train her. Holly knows how to keep the house for me, when a stranger comes she will bark to notify us. Every time I come home from school Holly will run to the gate to pick me up. On weekends, my sister and I often take Holly to the park to play together. Holly loves to play ball or play with the kids. My family has been so much happier since having Holly, so everyone loves her.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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