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    Full name: Huynh Bao Tram. Mssv :2023403010325
    Class : 22EN08E60035. TAKC 2 (0+02)
    There are many lovely animals but my favorite is the dog. My father gave me a dog on my birthday . He is a male dog. His name is Milo. We have kept him for 1 years. He is so adorable with his pale yellow fur. His fur is so soft. He has brown eyes and a long snout.. He is an active dog because he likes to run after me. He usually picks me up at the gate when i come home from school. He loves to run and play. I bought a small ball for him so I can play with him whenever i have free time. I teach him interesting moves like jumping over the rope, running to pick up plates, shaking hands or rolling. I usually bathe him twice a week. I like to go for a walk with him every Sunday. Whenever I’m sad, I often tell him even though I know he doesn’t understand what I’m saying. He is very smart because he can help me to keep the house. He barks when the stranger comes to my house. He is a member of my family. I love him and I feel like he loves me too.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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