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    As people become more and more mature, the pressure of study and work is increasing, in parallel with the increasing pressure, the need to relieve pressure is increasing, leading to many ways for people to solve problems. relieve pressure such as going out with friends, traveling, listening to music, watching movies,…. But for me, having a pet in the house is a great solution. So last year, I adopted an abandoned dog, which was a great thing for me and a new opportunity for that dog. It’s name is kuro, which is a native dog breeds in Việt Nam. I saw it on a group looking owners for abandoned animals and, it is very poor so I decided to adopt it. It is a dog with short black hair and a straight tail. Its legs are thin and strong, so it runs very fast, its has sharp eyes and very good ears. He is a very energetic and child-friendly dog and barks very loudly when strangers approach my house so it helps my family to keep the house when my family is out, Kuro often shows affection by wagging tail or licking my family’s hand. When I got home from work, Kuro always sat in front of the door waiting for me and its was happy to see me back. It’s a smart and loyal dog. Dogs are well known for their intelligence and loyalty, and in my opinion, their looks are also very cute, Kuro too, he can pick up things I throw away and can show guilt when he’s done something wrong. Kuro helps me a lot with stress relief, he like a little angel, i love him so much. It’s not just dogs. Besides the species that humans can keep as pets, there are also species that can be dangerous to humans. Because in this world there are many Kinds of animals, some herbivores, some carnivores, some omnivores,… Each species has different effects to balance the ecology of the environment. However, there are some species that can be dangerous to humans. But for me, the animals that can be dangerous and I don’t like are probably monkeys. They are a very intelligent species, scientic have shown that monkeys have a basic intelligence equal to that of a human child. However, they can sometimes be a threat, injuring people if provoked or robbing and fleeing. Monkey is a four-legged animal belonging to the mammal class. For monkeys, the tail plays a very important role. Most monkeys live in trees, so to keep balance when jumping from branch to branch, monkeys will have to rely on their tails. They are very aggressive, due to their intelligence, monkeys can open water bottles and drink like humans, so there are many cases where they steal water from people when people go through places where they are, not only that, they also rob people. personal objects such as hats, phones, glasses, …. And when humans want to take it back, monkeys can attack them, which is a pretty bad thing. There have been many cases of monkeys attacking humans, but the scariest thing is that they often attack children, because monkeys find them to be able to bully because those children are not yet able to defend themselves. Not over yet there, monkeys can also carry dangerous pathogens for humans, such as monkeypox. It is especially dangerous for people with health problem, pregnant women and the elderly. They are quite dangerous and aggressive so I always stay away when I see monkeys because I don’t know how they act.

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