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    In the process of studying at the school and being imparted useful knowledge by the teachers along with the saying “learning goes hand in hand”, we also participate in the internship experience of the major. And each internship gives me a unique feeling and valuable lessons. Here I would like to share a little bit of my experience and feelings after this internship trip.
    During my internship at Starlight English Center, I received a lot of attention and help from friends and colleagues at the center. In the span of almost 2 months, I was able to work and be exposed to a completely new environment. Mixed with excitement, I was a little worried because I was afraid that I would not keep up with the work, not having enough experience, I would make mistakes. But I was guided and helped by Ms. Linh very enthusiastically and completed my work well. After the second week, I gradually adjusted to the work at the center. I am assigned to be a teaching assistant for foreign teachers and my job is to pick them up in class every day and keep orderly classes for teachers, and in lessons with mini games, I will divide the class into groups. group at the request of the teacher before participating in the mini game. Here, I applied the knowledge and communication skills I have learned to apply, interacted, tutored foreign teachers and learned a lot from them. This internship gives us the opportunity to improve our knowledge of the foreign language environment and can help us understand the work of the major and the future position. As well as providing us with a more solid launch pad, which gives us more confidence when entering life, so that we can continue to strive.
    After 2 months of internship at the center, I feel very fortunate to be able to work and learn under the enthusiastic guidance of the brothers and sisters at the Center. The internship helped me gain more experience and knowledge. I realize that communication skills are very important for the English language major, so I need to try to study and practice more communication in my studies to achieve high results and become more proficient.
    Once again, I would like to thank Starlight English Center for allowing me to practice at the center and try my hand at a new and professional environment.


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