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    Name: Huỳnh Cao Vân
    Class: D19AV02
    Code: 1922202010136
    Jeepgo coffee company is a company specializing in producing and supplying coffee beans to Vietnamese customers as well as customers from different countries. here sell a lot of coffee beans imported from famous coffee countries in the world. The company provides clean and green coffee beans. They are roasted fresh every day. That is one of the reasons Jeepgo is trusted and supported by many customers for a long time. Besides, the staff is very professional and trained in the necessary skills in communicating with customers. The staff here are required to know how to use English fluently because most of the customers who buy coffee are foreigners. Therefore, English is the main means of communication and customer care. In addition to supplying and trading coffee, Jeepgo Company also organizes English lessons with foreigners. This is quite a useful model for people who are busy with work. They can combine drinking coffee and learning English at the same time. The working environment here is very dynamic and suitable for young people like me. I can apply my knowledge and ability to communicate in English to communicate and sell to foreign customers. I got an internship here as a salesman. I regularly meet and communicate with customers. Because the environment here has a lot of foreign guests, so my English communication skills have also improved and improved significantly. Besides, I also work as a tutor for Mr. Terry Keith every weekend at Jeepgo Coffee. Human resource management is considering Ngan has guided and supervised my internship, then gave me an assessment.

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