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    Nguyễn Thị Khánh Ly – 1922202010079

    Nowadays, the promotion of international integration and exchange is gradually becoming a common development trend. Not only Vietnam but also the whole world has followed that. And English has become a popular communication tool in many fields. That’s why there are many English centers came into being and Houston 123 Education Limited Liability Company is one of them.
    Houston 123 Education LLC is a chain of educational centers that have been developing in Binh Duong province with a total of 8 branches. Houston 123 (also known as H123) is the first educational system operating under the After School model in Binh Duong province. In addition to teaching English with native teachers, H123 also teaches cultural enrichment and extracurricular activities with a history of 8 years of establishment and development.
    The Houston 123 branch center that I chose to practice is located at 98 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street, Chanh My Ward, Thu Dau Mot City. This center is quite large and airy, has many plants, the decoration is also modern, the equipment and infrastructure are complete and well used. At first, I was quite surprised at the large number of rooms there, the open space and closeness to nature are interesting to pay attention to, because from what I observed, most of the other centers use enclosed spaces. I believe that is a plus point to help the center attract more students thanks to the open space that creates a comfortable feeling when studying.
    At Houston 123 Center, I applied for an internship as a salesman in the sales department. My job was to call parents of children from 3 years old to children in elementary, middle and high schools to consult summer courses for their children. One session of my work lasted 3 hours, there were days I worked full 3 sessions/ a day for a total of 9 hours a day from morning to evening.
    H123 teaches subjects such as Math, Literature, English, Physics, Chemistry. In addition, there are sports programs such as football, swimming, music and art for children. Still, the center often opens English clubs on weekends for children to have fun, communicate and test their English level with foreigners completely free of charge. And yet, there are also boarding school programs, school buses and many other preferential programs.
    Accordingly, I would inquire about the children’s studying situation and identify the needs of parents to advise on a specific program that was suitable for them. And the important thing when selling is to make an impression and attract in words, speak clearly and concisely so as not to waste time of parents. Tried to make an appointment for parents to come to the center for specific consultation, schedule 2 free trial classes for the children or ask to make contact via Zalo application with them to send the necessary information according to their needs.
    However, the number of parents in need was quite small, so each session I had to make many calls to get just a few parents in need. And the target required by my instructor was that each session must achieve at least 20 calls. So, that was my job in this internship which has greatly enhanced my communication and persuasion skills.

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