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    Name: Phạm Thị Hồng Nhung
    Class: D19AV02
    Code: 1922202010454

    I did an internship at Houston 123 Education Co., Ltd., also known as the H123 language center, during the semester I have a business internship. I’m introducing the internship location in this assessment and sharing my thoughts and views about it. The center is located at 98 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street in the Chanh My Ward of Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong province. The Houston 123 Language Center is the first after-school model-based educational system in the province of BinhDuong. Houston 123 always maintains a focus on developing its human resources thanks to its more than 200 properly trained, methodical, and professional employees. H123 offers extracurricular activities and cultural enrichment programs in math, physics, chemistry, literature, and other subjects especially teaching English with native speakers. The business has been in operation for eight years and is still expanding. With the motto “Replacing parents to take care of their children’s learning and play,” the Center consistently maintains its mission and emphasizes the significance of maintaining a healthy balance between learning and play for students so that they can learn while also gaining life skills without feeling under pressure to constantly study. H123 has a strong desire to go with the millions of young Vietnamese minds on their journeys toward education and mental development.

    I have gained a lot of experience and learnt a lot of valuable lessons over this internship. I work in a workplace that is both professional and exciting. I have the opportunity to work with kind and professional superiors and coworkers. Throughout my internship here, they had always assisted me so that I could develop and learn a lot. My bosses constantly give opportunities for me to grow and show my abilities. By doing so, I have enhanced my ability to communicate, work under pressure, work independently, collaborate with others, solve problems, and manage my time well. I also gained knowledge through the stories my superiors told about their experiences. I develop the self-discipline that is so important for students like me when working for a company, such as being punctual, completing tasks well, and dressing appropriately. This internship gave me many valuable and practical skills and experiences. Later, I can use it to guide my career. In addition, I am quite grateful to the school for giving me the chance to explore the real working environment. In addition to gaining useful skills from this internship, I also made a lot of great friends and built close relationships. I was able to establish a relationship with the superiors, who were incredibly kind and enthusiastic, always looking out for the trainees, and who gave us their full support. They are nice people on the inside and out, and I have a lot of respect for them. Overall, this internship was great and memorable. It offers me a lot of practical.

    I also have some advice for aspiring students who want to succeed in their internships. First, you should always be on time and be properly attired. Being on time and looking properly are crucial while going to work since they show professionalism. Second, get ready with all the documents required for the internship. Because there is no need to worry about documents at the end of the internship, you only need to give them paper to sign. Third, the report should be finished well in advance of the due date, not afterwards. Finally, you should interact with others by being friendly. Everyone will always love someone with a friendly attitude.

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