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    I got the opportunity to experience myself in a completely new working atmosphere after more than a month of internship at Olympia Binh Chuan Center, and this is a process that provides me a lot of emotions as well as real experiences important for future employment. An internship, from the standpoint of an intern, is a process of attempting to work in a setting other than the university. Students may do well or poorly at their positions, but regardless of the outcome, they will obtain experience and skills for themselves after completing the internship.
    I feel like I’ve changed tremendously as a result of this internship. I’ve gone from being a passive student in the classroom with minimal communication with peers to being much more self-disciplined and proactive, and my communication skills have much improved. The internship environment at Olympia Binh Chuan was quite severe, so I worked hard to prepare myself so that I would not be scolded by others and could accomplish the task to the best of my ability. Because I am terrified of being criticized by others, I constantly strive to develop myself and learn useful skills from coworkers and friends.
    In addition, I learnt numerous practical lessons and skills for myself. The first incident I’d like to share is a lesson on being proactive at work. The manager briefly introduced me to the organization and working regulations here the first time I stepped foot in Olympia Center, but I was still very puzzled and could not answer all of my queries. Then I recognized that I needed to be self-aware and ask those questions of my coworkers. Furthermore, I must monitor everyone’s actions and working ways in order to follow them myself. If we get it wrong, I believe it will help us understand our flaws and earn more work experience. The initiative is a mandatory necessity that any manager desires for his staff, and the more proactive it is for an intern, the better. Because of my initiative, I immediately blended with everyone at Olympia and maintain an excellent working connection to now. In addition, I considerably improved my general communication abilities and, in particular, my English communication skills. As an English teacher, I have to deal with students and even colleagues on a regular basis. My foreign language skills are not very strong, but throughout my internship, I practiced English at home while instructing, which greatly enhanced my speaking and communication abilities. Therefore, I believe that communication skills will be incredibly crucial in future job since people will learn about our competence and professionalism in the workplace through regular conversation.
    In short, while my internship at Olympia Binh Chuan was brief, it was a significant milestone in my university career. These are hands-on experiences that I am particularly interested in because they have given me a lot of experience and abilities that will be useful in my future employment. Without this internship, I would not have learned about these experiences. The most significant thing is that I have a plan for my future profession after graduating from university. As a result, I will always strive to study more in order to obtain the job I desire.


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