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Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nghi – CEO and founder of Nghi Anh English Center. He has extensive experiences in the field of English. He believes: “Every parent deserves to see their child’s progress with their own eyes after each English lesson and after each course and I have done it.”
Nghi Anh English Center, which is part of Nghi CAMBRIDGE Limited Liability Company, was founded in March 2018. The headquater of the center is at 127 Pham Ngu Lao, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province. Phone number: 0903 02 99 39. The first branch is at 63 Tran Phu, Chanh Nghia ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province. Phone number: 02743.868.837. The second branch is at 883 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Chanh Nghia ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong city.
With the motto taking quality as the top criteria, Nghi Anh English Center always attaches great importance to the quality of teaching as well as investing in infrastructure to help learners have an effective learning environment. The classrooms are equipped with modern learning aids to create an international learning environment as well. Therefore, the center is always highly appreciated by learners, not only for the quality of teaching but also for the aesthetics and demands of the learners.
Through my four-week internship at Nghi Anh English Center, I have gained significant working experience and delicate abilities. These important encounters, in my view, will help me a great deal in my career. Some interesting and crucial experiences I collected during the internship period will be shown below.
First and foremost, the internship period allowed me the chance to utilize my English in a real work environment. I understand that my English has incredibly improved through training. I have taken in a great deal of jargon, data, and information about current showing patterns and expertise to utilize interpretation techniques.
Secondly, during my internship, I learned that perception is a critical factor in determining the underlying cause of a problem. For both my business and my daily activities. I collaborate with my associates and administrators to decide the issues during my project. In addition, the task, by implication, causes me to adapt freely, train myself, be thoughtful, quiet, self-trust, step up, and have the capacity to tackle issues. Additionally, my relational abilities are reinforced too when speaking with others.
Last but not least, I have gotten analysis and exhortation from others when missteps were made during my internship period. Moreover, I had additionally built up my social aptitudes through different exercises that I had done. This likewise hones my abilities in office skills since the greater part of the plans were finished with the help of instruction from staff.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Ho Trung Hau – who enthusiastically guided me while I was having difficulties during my internship, Nghi Anh English Center – which gave me the opportunity to experience practical experience, Ms. Thanh, teachers and colleagues who gave me their best support when I first entered the new working environment. This will be an unforgettable memory for myself.