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I did an internship at the Center for Foreign Languages and Maths Young Thinking in Di An. I was an intern at the center quite far from my university but I didn’t find it inconvenient. Because the Center is outstanding and interesting. This place is beautifully decorated and painted, suitable for elementary school students. And especially I really like the center’s uniform, a green color that I love. I really like wearing uniforms because when I go to class, almost all students wear uniforms, looking very nice and uniform. Students are very attentive and polite, so I love this place even more. Although I have only been with this place for a few months, I find this place very familiar. Everyone from the security guard, class sweeper, receptionist, manager are very sociable and friendly. The Center for Foreign Languages and Maths Young Thinking is an opportunity for me to touch and experience real life, a good environment for me to try and practice my craft. Having practiced and penetrated into reality, I understood that it is not easy to get good lectures, good lesson plans, and if I do it directly, I know that I am still very weak in many aspects. And it was also a very rewarding time, thanks to that time, I gained a lot of valuable experiences and experiences from reality. It will be the lessons learned in the internship report that will help you get better results. This place has given me more experience in everything, helped me to have solutions that I have never been able to do before, improved my skills and most importantly, learned for myself. This is a valuable lesson for me.
The internship is an opportunity for students
to apply theoretical and practical knowledge they have learned. Help students prepare in advance the necessary skills and experience before actually leaving school and going to work. During the internship period, you will be able to share a lot of experience, learn a lot of useful knowledge to help the future work process be more effective. In addition, this is also the right time for you to still apply the knowledge you have learned to your work environment. The importance of an internship is to give you the ability to practice your knowledge in the classroom, which is a premise
for you to be more confident when you graduate.