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Hobbit Village – a unique homestay in Da Lat

If you are a fan of watching fairy tales, you are no longer strange to the Hobbit race. Hobbit Village is inspired by lovely dwarven houses. The wooden houses close together at The Hobbit Bungalow create a cozy village. The quiet space of Da Lat makes your stay even more ideal. The Hobbit Bungalow is 2.5 km from Xuan Huong Lake. Truc Lam Zen Monastery is about 3.6 km away. Less than 5 minutes walk from Phuong Trang bus station. Da Lat cable car tourist area is a 10-minute walk to have a panoramic view of Da Lat city. The Hobbit Bungalow is only 27km from Lien Phuong Airport. Especially, the homestay also provides an airport shuttle service, so it will be very convenient for you to stay here. Staying at Hobbit Village you can also easily move to attractions in the city. Lam Vien Square is only 2.3km, Yersin Park is 2.5km.. Room types at The Hobbit Bungalow: Hobbit Village has 2 room types. Standard room for 2-3 people and Deluxe room for 2-4 people. Leading to each wooden house, there is a small zigzag path made of old tires, surrounded by green grass, crept into each square, like stepping into a fairy-tale space that seems only in tradition. theory. The main color is wood, creating an extremely airy, clean but equally welcoming, youthful, and romantic space. One of the advantages of Hobbit villa Dalat is that it is fully equipped with a barbecue, garden space, large balcony, and camping area.

Room Price:

Deluxe room – 4 people – 600k/night (Monday to Thursday), 700k/night (Friday to Sunday)

Standard room – 3 people – 450k/night (Monday to Thursday), 500k/night (Friday to Sunday)

                                                                                                                Review by: Mai Pham Anh Thu


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