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Becamex Tower, located between two arterial roads, Binh Duong boulevard and 30/4 Street, right in the center of Thu Dau Mot, is a developing social-economic region. Shopping and working here, customers can be convenient for traveling, and trading with customers and partners in Binh Duong and surrounding industrial zones. Investment and Industrial Development Corporation (Becamex IDC Corp) as an investor with a capital of about 500 billion. Inaugurated after 2 years of construction and put into use on September 1, 2011, the building has attracted the attention of many small and medium enterprises. The building has a height of 23 floors and a basement for parking. The total area of the building is up to 50,000m2, including items: commercial center, working office, office for rent, and other services, etc. Becamex building Binh Duong Boulevard is uniquely designed with a unique surface. Installing reflective glass helps the space inside the building to be soundproof and reduces the temperature compared to the outside. The interior of the Becamex building is specially designed to be comfortable and to ensure technical safety standards. In addition, the building is also equipped with a high-speed elevator system, fire protection system, and security camera, etc,  creating the best shopping and working environment for customers. From the 1st to th

e 3rd floor is a high-class commercial center, where customers can experience shopping, entertainment, etc. The 4th floor is the management office, technical operation, and outdoor cafe. From the 5th floor to the 23rd floor is a comfortable and modern office block.

Rent: 15USD/m2, diverse rental area from 50m2 or more. Minimum rental term 3 months, payment 3 months/time, and deposit 3 months in the first transaction.


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