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Ted is one of the few classic free English learning apps. Ted Talk is not an English learning app. TED is truly an inspirational forum for the whole world.

Specifically, many world-famous speakers have conveyed their messages through this forum. Notable names are Bill Gates, Obama, Steve Job, etc. Their speeches are adapted and subtitled in hundreds of languages around the world, especially English. With diverse content, covering many topics: culture, education, life, humanity, etc. TED has been subscribed by tens of millions of people.

Because of that, Ted is used by users to learn English. That makes a lot of sense because Ted’s videos range in duration from 5-to 15 minutes. It is the ideal time to learn to listen and speak English. Listening and speaking according to famous characters, with the standard pronunciation of native speakers, what could be more wonderful? In addition, language experts encourage users to learn from the gestures and expressions of famous characters. From there, English learners can memorize words, enrich social knowledge and practice their confidence in using the language at ease.

You can find Ted here: https://www.ted.com/ 

Review by : Đoàn Thu Trang

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