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Just English Magazine

You do not like to read books or in other words because you feel books have too many words and this makes you feel dizzy every time you open the book, many books have illustrations but those illustrations are too boring for you. You need something that can give you knowledge but it must be really interesting and attract you to want to read it, then the magazine is the most suitable choice. In this article, I will introduce and recommend to you a journal suitable for learning fun again.

Just English Magazine is Malaysia’s first English language teaching magazine. The magazine has 2 versions: Just English Explorer version is for middle and high school students. Just the English version is for teenagers and adults.

The magazine is designed to communicate and enhance the reading habits of students by providing interesting articles and exercises on a variety of topics.

In addition, it has many companion websites to support readers, providing readers with a great experience by providing and organizing many fun activities.

Just English magazine covers news, sports, historical events, and sample short stories. In addition, it also provides tips for learning English and taking English exams. In the Just English version – the version for teenagers and adults, there is a lot of focus on skills.

Link to the magazine: https://www.justenglish.com/magazines/ 

Reviewed by LE THI TUYET DUY

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