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English Grammar for Dummies

English has become a global language that almost every country uses. Nowadays, not knowing English is a massive disadvantage in work and study, even in some aspects of life. Therefore, the need to learn English from children to adults becomes extremely necessary, but it is not easy for us to start learning a new language like English. Besides learning vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, and writing, reading more books in English is also a useful way to learn English. If you are looking for a quality English learning book, this article is for you.

English Grammar for Dummies” This is an interesting book for learning English grammar; a book about English grammar, but it is not dry. The book focuses on basic English grammar rules, towards real-life grammar, and it also helps you improve your writing and communication skills.

The grammar rules in the book are explained clearly and fully in terms of meaning and usage:

– In this book, you will learn to know when to use single quotation marks or double quotation marks

– Helps you avoid common grammar mistakes such as singular, plural, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and clauses.

– Helps you know when to capitalize and understand which words and phrases are capitalized and which are lowercase.

– How to make sentences less boring.

In addition, the book also shows how to use small rules like how to choose the right word between words like “had gone” & “went”, etc. in an easy-to-remember way to improve your speaking and writing level day by day.

In short, this is a good book for learning English grammar but it is only for those who already have a certain level of English and they just need to improve their writing, then this book is completely useful. for them. For those who have limited English ability, this is not the most suitable option.

Link for download the book : https://vi.vn1lib.org/book/3373360/4e6509 

Reviewed By Le Thi Tuyet Duy

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