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English Vocabulary Builder 

(DK English for Everyone)

The fastest way to learn a language in the world is by using pictures, just like how children learn things through pictures, this will make us feel like we want to learn more. It will be so boring when just looking at words, so we need some books to have a lot of pictures to make us interested in studying. So if you are having trouble learning your vocabulary, in this article we will introduce you to a book that is extremely suitable for learning vocabulary.

Many books apply to learning through pictures and this book is always at the top of them.

This book is one of DK’s bestsellers, it is suitable for people of all levels of English learners.

The book brings over 3000 words and phrases related to family, holidays, science, work, animals, emotions, health, sports, and weather, almost any topic there, and it is illustrated with eye-catching images.

In addition, each section of the book includes listening and review exercises, and you can practice pronunciation on their website or free app.

This is a very useful book for our English learning, so what are you waiting for without reading it now!

Link to buy the book : https://www.amazon.com/English-Everyone-Vocabulary-Builder/dp/1465464832 

Link to download the book : https://vi.vn1lib.org/book/3683605/234f25 


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