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The workshop “Developing the capacity of applied pedagogical research for high school teachers” aimed to provide information and materials indicating the existence in the implementation of applied pedagogical research with a focus on high schools, and propose measures to improve the quality of applied pedagogical research for high school teachers. Meeting the workshop objectives, the delegates proposed solutions to improve the efficiency of research activities, such as: strengthening the organisation of training courses, and training in knowledge and research skills. The research content is associated with educational trends in the context of digital transformation and integration. Relationships between educational institutions, universities, and research institutes should be established and maintained to support lecturers in conducting research…

Reference: Hội thảo “Phát triển năng lực nghiên cứu khoa học sư phạm ứng dụng cho giáo viên THPT.” (n.d.). Đại Học Thủ Dầu Một. Retrieved July 19, 2022, from

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