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                                 Review: The Four Basic Styles of Communication

In this section, we will learn about four basic styles of communication 



  1. PASSIVE COMMUNICATION is a style in which people have gotten into the habit of keeping their thoughts and feelings to themselves, defending their rights, and recognizing and attending to their needs. As a result, passive people don’t express their displeasure or hurt at things directly. Instead, they allow irritations and complaints to grow, frequently being oblivious of the accumulation. However, after they have exceeded their high threshold for inappropriate behavior, they are prone to explosive outbursts, which are frequently excessive in comparison to the incident that set them off. However, after the outburst, they could experience uncertainty, remorse, or humiliation and go back to being inactive.
  2. AGGRESSIVE COMMUNICATION is a technique of expressing one’s thoughts and beliefs and arguing for one’s wants that infringes on the rights of others. Therefore, aggressive communicators abuse others verbally or physically.
  3. PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE COMMUNICATION is a manner of acting out anger in which the person appears inert on the outside but is actually acting it out subtly, indirectly, or covertly. People who adopt a practice of passive-aggressive communication typically experience feelings of helplessness, immobility, and resentment; in other words, they feel unable to address the source of their resentments directly. Instead, they quietly undermine the target of their resentments, whether that target is genuine or imagined.
  4. ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION is a way of communicating in which people firmly defend their rights and needs while expressing their thoughts and feelings in a way that doesn’t infringe on those of others. These people are strong defenders of their own rights while also showing great regard for the rights of others. They value their time, their emotions, their spirituality, and their bodily requirements.

Review by Nguyen Khac Quyen D19AV07

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