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Review: The essential guide to business etiquette

The social skills required for both personal and professional success are described in The Essential Guide to Business Etiquette, a helpful manual for communicating with coworkers, clients, and business contacts. In today’s competitive business world, good manners are worth their weight in gold and can provide one an advantage in securing and retaining new business.

The 14 chapters of the Essential Guide to Business Etiquette cover the key topics that can make a person successful in their ascent up the corporate ladder. This book covers everything a modern businessperson needs to know to successfully navigate the complex world of etiquette, whether at home or abroad, from the fundamentals of starting off on the right foot during the job interview to navigating workplace politics to dining etiquette. There is no greater importance than learning how to conduct oneself with grace in the corporate world. Poor manners undermine client relations, sabotage promotions, and wreck deals every day.

Review by Nguyen Khac Quyen D19AV07

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