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Nowadays, as many as 53 English-speaking nations around the world have designated English as their official language, making it one of the most influential and widely spoken languages. By taking an English quiz, students are testing their knowledge of the language and can assess their strengths and weakness. Therefore, the English quiz website is a good choice for tests and improving the English skills for students. 

To make learning English easier, today, I will share with you a website that provides English quizzes, that is Free English Quizzes – Test Your Language. When coming to this website, you can choose to take the quiz, It’s free, so we no need to register or give credit card information. Get your outcomes Your test results will be emailed to you after you complete them. Share your findings Post on social media, invite your friends, tell your boss… Brag about your abilities.

– Activities can help you learn English well on this website:

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