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Nowadays, English is always a necessary subject for any student. However, English has a large of knowledge about new words, grammar, sentences, and tenses,… which makes students need to do more exercises and increase their skills each day. Therefore, to good study English, any student should use quizzes on the internet as the best tool to test their ability.

 Today, I recommend for you one quiz website that can help your skill in English better. By tests, questions, and examples about English grammar and more. ES Quizzes | EnglishClub will provide a good study environment and increase our English skills.

– Activities can help you learn English well on this website:

  • Check your English proficiency receive assistance with grammar study English pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Play games and take tests in English online.
  • Converse in English with lecturers and other students
  • Locate English language programs in your country or overseas.
  • Locate pen buddies to practice your English

Review by Phan Trong Khang

The link to learn at this website:

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