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Currently, the most important tool, particularly in terms of online educational technology, is the online quiz. Because, any students have access to mobile devices, a laptop, a desktop, and an internet connection. Besides, the online tests will identify various hurdles based on your English proficiency. It highlights areas of knowledge that need improvement, boosts confidence, and sharpens focus. Additionally, it aids with long-term memory retention.

If you would like to find a simple and free website to study English, eQuiz.Me is the best choice. eQuiz.Me is a collection of free online English questions and answers designed for ESL learners. Furthermore, to make eQuiz as user-friendly as possible, this website keeps both its look and operation uncomplicated. Therefore, when students do tests about different English skills and get feedback from websites, they will easy to clearly remember and increase their ability.


– Activities can help you learn English well on this website:

  • Grammar tests
  • vocabulary tests
  • A pronunciation test
  • Listening Tests
  • Speaking tests
  • Reading Tests
  • Writing Tests

Review by Phan Trong Khang

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