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During classroom hours, studying the same subject and going through the same learning process repeatedly might grow boring. Therefore, Finding a quiz website with a study environment that is suited for the subject and encouraging students to engage is the ideal tool. The student will begin preparing for the tests with the provided expertise. So, the best approach to learning anything, especially English, is in this manner.


In this review, I would like to share with you a quiz website that will help you improve your English, EF SET. The goal of EF SET is to provide consistently reliable, cost-effective, user-friendly, and always available English proficiency testing. At EF SET, innovative research and development are used to offer free, objectively scored standardized English examinations for learners at all levels, from beginner to advanced.


– Tests and feedback can help you learn English well on this website:

  • Quick Check (15-min)
  • EF SET 50 (50-min)
  • Assessment Solutions


Review by Phan Trong Khang

The link to learn at this website:

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