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With the 3rd corporate internship, which is also the last internship, just like the 2nd corporate internship, the only difference is that we will be able to practice more deeply in our chosen major to gain work experience in the future after graduation.

You will also be able to practice at companies and English centers in the city, but the internship period will be longer. This internship I chose to do an internship at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, organized by the Faculty for students to practice. This is a very good opportunity because I will learn a lot from the teachers in the faculty, and the teachers in the department. She will also support us with difficult problems during the internship. In addition, there are many diverse jobs for internships such as Interpreting, teaching assistant, office work, website design, etc. All are related to the major we are studying. You can also work in groups to gain experience and learn from other groups.

If you want to try a variety of jobs, then join the internship at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, you will have great experiences with very good and professional instructors.

Reviewed by: Vu Thi Kim Phuong


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