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 VUS is proud to become a global standard English language training unit recognized by NEAS, an independent organization that manages the quality of international English teaching centers.

This is the center where I practiced here, located at 78 D. August Revolution, Chanh My, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. And I have heard many times the saying “Go and come” and rightly so, what begins has to end. For me, when I started my internship, that was when I started walking, and now when I’m sitting here to write my mood lines, I’ve reached the stop. Three months have passed, three months of being called an intern – my mood is still there – full of emotions. All of us students have to undergo internships at businesses, which is one of the final conditions for us to prepare for graduation. And by chance as well as luck, I was able to practice at VUS center, a large and prestigious center. Be it me or you, surely each of you will remember the mood of your internship days, most especially, strangely bold and clear that will not fade away as the mood of the first day of internship. First, an opening day for the next series of days. For me, the mood called surprise, nervousness, worry and excitement was mixed in my heart at that time, so I couldn’t forget it. The first day I was in a real working environment, the first day I had to interact with many people, how to behave, how to work, etc. The first day I had to mentally prepare myself a lot. such. I still remember, when I was led to introduce each room, meet the brothers and sisters, meet the teachers, I inevitably clumsy, in my heart immediately showed the nervousness and anxiety of a new internship student .  And then when I see the smile, when the friendliness from the brothers and sisters, teachers appear to me as if I have more spirit, the initially foreign emotions are now familiar and have a separate mark in me. Coming to VUS, I was able to practice and get acquainted with the job of teaching assistant, being guided by the teacher in charge. When I work with them, I have my own worries, all in my mind at that time. I tried and told myself to work harder. Day by day, each practice session at the center adds new jobs, new interesting things. Any beginning has its own surprises and worries, later when everything is over, when you get used to the new environment, when you are always cared for and helped by the teachers at the center. I find myself learning many things, knowing many things and becoming more mature, but now all that remains are emotions and memories.

Finally, I’m sure anyone who has practiced at VUS will not forget the friendly atmosphere spreading here, will remember having lunch together, telling stories together, laughing together… When thinking about the lessons The study I got, the knowledge I gained, the memories with everyone, how lucky I feel, I thank VUS for creating conditions for me to practice, for always helping me, teaching me a lot much. VUS – A small house – so that when you say goodbye, you will inevitably feel nostalgic emotions, emotions that are difficult to put into words…  I wish VUS more and more development in the not too distant future.

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