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8 Tips for an Effective Translation

By: readywriters

In modern social life, translation is an important tool for communication and mutual understanding. Therefore, every document, story, and text… requires an effective translation. To provide an accurate translation, the translator must take care to stay true to the original language.

There are eight tips and one bonus tip are mentioned in the post. The first tip, it’s do not to interpret or translate word for word. It’s the most attentive thing in translate because it will make the translation feel boring and the translation becomes rudimentary. The second tip is that you have to understand the message of the original language and try to describe it in a simple and easy-to-understand way. For the next tips, it’s best to translate at the same tempo as the speaker. In order to preserve the spoken words, this is important. The speaker and the translator would not be able to converse at the same time. The fourth tip, the translator must have a large vocabulary and language expression. This makes the translation process become easier. The fifth tip is you shouldn’t say what the speaker does not say or imply. Instead of adding to the original statement, translate it exactly as the speaker said it. The next tips, you should try to control your breath and be natural and respectable delivery. The other tip is that you must be on guard and avoid being taken by surprise by the speaker or the speech. Last but not least, you should keep in mind that when the speaker switches to another language, the translation must also be changed. The bonus tip, with a music video or film, it is important to translate the speech or song’s lines or lyrics regularly.

There are eight tips with a bonus tip that could help you feel more confident in translating. Translating is not an easy job, but it helps you gain more knowledge and know-how to deal with a converstation. Read these tips and it will give you more experience in translation.

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