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The perception of a snobbish mindset among jazz fans in the past may have hurt jazz’s reputation a little. However, the current jazz scene in the UK is accepting new listeners who have been drawn to jazz by hip-hop and club music. DJ Jamz Supernova acknowledges, “Jazz is something I’m pretty new to. Her renewed passion for the genre stems from her understanding of how jazz influences a lot of modern music, even if it isn’t always immediately apparent. She goes on. And perhaps it will encourage a listener like me who, at first glance, believes they have no connection to jazz music in its current form but who, after listening to the new wave performers, realizes that the genre’s impact has always been present…

This is a list of the 10 essential London jazz albums to serve as a primer on the sound and its origins.

  1. Nubya Garcia – ‘Nubya’s 5ive’
  2. Yussef Kamaal – ‘Black Focus’
  3. United Vibrations – ‘Galaxies Not Ghettos’
  4. Moses Boyd – ‘Displaced Diaspora’
  5. Sons Of Kemet – ‘Your Queen Is A Reptile’
  6. Jazz Warriors – ‘Out Of Many, One People’
  7. Zara McFarlane – ‘Arise’
  8. Various – ‘We Out Here’
  9. SEED Ensemble – ‘Driftglass’
  10. Alfa Mist – ‘Antiphon’



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