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A Dong language Center (abbreviated as ADO) was established under the Decision of the People’s Committee of Binh Duong province. A Dong Language Center is a unit specializing in teaching foreign languages and English training of international standards, advanced English training for specialized students, and learning English for fast communication for businesses. With a team of enthusiastic English teachers, experienced in teaching, graduated quite well from famous universities in Vietnam. Nowadays, ADO Center operates under the model Happy Schools (Happy Schools), the educational framework for children researched and applied by UNESCO for the Asia-Pacific region. ADO has a strong belief that teaching works best in a happy school. Besides that, the center’s educational philosophy is to learn to live together. ADO Center wants its students, besides English knowledge, to be equipped with soft skills and have a positive emotion and attitude in any situation, always believing that the best will come to me in the future.

Internship is a very rewarding time, an opportunity for me to gain a lot of experience, valuable experience from reality and future orientation for me.  It will be the lessons learned in the internship report so that I have better results, the university degree will become brighter and more beautiful.  These lessons are certainly no school can teach me but can only be obtained after a period of working, practical application of theory in the school of life. Those who have been students will surely see images of the people behind them supporting the main teachers. Although not directly teaching, but the intern’s work is also quite important. It is important to be able to speak English fluently, to pronounce correctly, to have a confident demeanor and a clear voice to become a good intern’s. First of all I can say that this is a completely new working environment for me. It was very difficult for me to adapt to this working environment, but thanks to the enthusiastic guidance from the teachers here, I quickly adapt to the work and working environment. I have applied communication skills, teamwork skills and skills to manage students, knowledge of English I studied in the assigned tasks. Thanks to me knowing how to apply these to the assigned task, I finished it easily without worrying. I often have to do the basics like planning class, updating daily contact book, checking old knowledge, answering questions about lectures or translating the Teacher if the student does not understand, administer the student where the parents take the shuttle… I  have to arrange stable seats for students, manage classes, teach students to learn, read new words, create conditions for students to interact, enjoy, focus on learning most actively with the main teacher to increase the effectiveness of the lesson. I also have a tutoring assignment for underperforming students. Although this is not a major job present in all job descriptions of a intern  in different settings, especially in English centers or vocational centers today, it is a task compulsory service. Because it is one of the orientations of providing educational services that attract students to study in the center. I will often pay attention to, ask questions about the absorption of lectures in class, so that I can grasp the absorbing ability and learning capacity of each student. Then, in conjunction with a survey of student improvement needs, the intern will have an instructional plan that provides out-of-school materials to ensure that the outcomes can meet the academic expectations. I organize small games to create excitement for students easy to receptive, easy to remember, and ensure the quality of learning. In addition, after class, I will have to meet with the parent as needed as a regular conference and talk by phone to monitor student progress.

In short, these activities have brought me a professional working style, improved English speaking and listening ability. In addition, it also give me opportunity to apply English at work, and also apply theoretical knowledge in practice. I really love this job.

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