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During our study at the Department of Foreign Languages, we will have 3 internships. Each internship will have a different experience.

With business internship 1, the name of this internship 1 is Service learning, we will experience teaching in centers or love classes, even teaching in temples. In Binh Duong, there are many classes of love such as love class in Hiep Thanh ward, Thu Dau Mot city, love class in Phu Cuong ward, love class in Lai Thieu, and many other classes of love so that we can come and ask to teach English to children with difficult circumstances. During the first internship, I went to practice at the love class in Phu Cuong ward located at No. 27, Hai Ba Trung, Phu Cuong ward, Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong. All the experiences when I was a trainee here are very valuable. We will be there early to play and feed the little ones before class starts. The children here are often orphans of both parents and do not have the conditions to go to school like you, but they are very hardworking and passionate about learning English, so I have more motivation to pass on their knowledge dear to you

If anyone is wondering where to choose with a company 1 intern, come to this love class, which will not only help you gain more teaching experience but also help create joy for the community.

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