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Three internships will be part of our studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Every internship will offer a unique learning opportunity.

With corporate internship 1, which the official term is Service Learning, we will gain experience volunteering anywhere and helping the community. There were a lot of teaching classes in Binh Duong at the time, but the COVID-19 pandemic added to the pressure. Finding a place to do an internship was really challenging for me. However, I had the good fortune to be given a lot of addresses by a senior sister. I made the choice to contact them and apply for an internship. I went to practice at the love class in House of Love – Bung Parish, located at 317A, Hung Phuoc, Hung Dinh, Thuan An, Binh Duong. While I was a trainee here, I received a lot of great experiences. This place is organized to nurture, teach, and ensure the material and spiritual life for children in extremely difficult circumstances, orphans, unable to take care of their own lives have no conditions to live at home. I often come in the evening to teach the children here. There will be 1.5 to 2 hours of teaching. Since there is no dress code here, I usually dress politely when I am teaching. I liked working here since the managers are friendly, professional, and willing to assist me with my internship. Furthermore, I can organize or participate in fun activities for you. Come to this class if you love kids since it will help you earn more teaching experience and make the community happier.

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