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Step 1: Each class sets up a generic forum page to post recordings.

Step 2: Teachers teaching “English Motivational Speeches” subject clearly announce the operating rules of the common forum page in front of the class

Step 3: The teacher assigns 5 students to join the Editorial Board of the common forum page to support the teacher (if necessary) or use the discussion section in the e-learning system.


Step 4: Students based on the theory they have learned, choose a topic freely and make a recording of the speech – also a task for evaluating the course of the subject.

Step 5: Students upload the video to the general page or e-learning, comment on other posts according to the criteria.

Step 6: 5-7 best-voted videos will participate in the whole round.

Step 7: 5-7 speakers will be selected in the block round and make a direct presentation in front of the crowd.


Step 8: The teacher, the faculty leader, and the program leader:

+ Engage in judging the “Speech” round 

+ Select the 3 best speakers to award prizes

+ Decide to add bonus points for excellent individuals.

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