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Thư Tô Thị Anh


Let’s recall a moment when you put your first step into the university. How did you feel? Were you worried? Were you confused about what you were learning? Did you get lost in the new environment and could not quickly enough adapt to it?

I believe it’s true for many of us when we just get out of our comfort zone. And today, I want to share with you my own story.

I hope this sharing is helpful for you all in boosting your speaking skills.

The story is about a time when I had just entered university. I joined a new learning environment and entered the time to care for myself. As everyone knows, the university environment is an environment that focuses a lot on self-study and autonomy. At first, I was shocked by self-study and was also affected by new environmental factors around me, so I could not follow up on my studying. Therefore, my level was not very good, especially my speaking skills. I feel like I’m far behind my classmates. That was a depressing feeling. I couldn’t accept my failure, and I decided to find a way to improve these skills. After practicing, I witnessed an improvement that encouraged me to keep up with my job.

And some of the ways that I improve my speaking skills are: First, I use watching movies to learn to speak and am exposed to more listening.

To begin with, I will watch the Vietnamese subtitles to understand the entire content. After I understand the content, I will turn on English subtitles to see how people use words and sentences. After watching, I will record their interesting sayings or word choice. This way, I learn how to select the language like a native.

In addition, to speak fluently, I practice speaking in front of the mirror and record it myself. In this case, I can open a short YouTube video and say, “Follow the video.” By saying it a few times, it can be considered that I have memorized the content of that talk. I will stand in front of the mirror, say what I remember, and record it. And when I review my recording, I can identify where my pronunciation is incorrect and needs to be corrected. This is a very effective way to practice your pronunciation. In short, to improve speaking skills, I advise people to speak many times. Because only when I talk a lot will I know where I am wrong so that I can correct it. The methods listed above are what I use to improve my speaking abilities. You can also refer to those methods. How about you? What ways do you use to improve your speaking skills?

Written by Bich Ngan

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