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Thư Tô Thị Anh


1.Think in single words

“Start small” is a frequent advice which many influencers, experts, and scholars encourage you to prepare for something great in the future. We need to first think in individual words before we take any further steps to improve your brain’s capability of thinking in a second language.

Now, look at your surroundings and name what you see. For example, if there is a “book” on your bookshelf or a “laptop” on the table, you need to force your brain to think in English, not your native language. Once it becomes your habit, the English vocabulary will pop up in your head at once. Start with nouns first then verbs, adjectives and adverbs.

A bonus tip here is that you can label your surroundings with sticky notes or a small piece of paper. In this way, you are surrounded with English as well as your brain.

2.Describe unknown words

After you get familiar with the first tip, you can take another step to practicing describing unknown words. It means that you describe objects that you don’t know the words for in your mind.

In case you can not think of or pretend to not know the word “chair”, for example. You need to describe them in English like, “This is an item which has 4 legs which I use to sit on to dine with my family, to work my office, to enjoy watching TV, etc”.

This tip is a great help for you to learn new vocabulary and learn English effectively.

3.Think in sentences

Thinking in sentences is more difficult than thinking in single words. We have to grammatically construct words together to have a correct or appropriate sentence.

It is easier for beginners to start practicing simple sentences like, “Wow, she is so beautiful”, or after you wake up you can say “What a sunny day it is”

Once you pass the beginners level, you can move onto more difficult sentences.

4.Think in conversation

You can think in conversation (talking with yourself) in order to practice what you might say in real conversation.

Imagine that someone asks you a question like, “How is your final exam?” then what is your answer to this question.

You can do this out loud or in silence.

5.Practice it daily

The key to every success is not something only smart people can do. Make things a habit, then it just pops up into your mind without thinking. Do a little everyday and keep up your persistence.


Written by Nguyen Thanh

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