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Hồng Nguyễn Thị Xuân


English-speaking skills are important skills in learning a foreign language and many young people are having difficulty in this regard. ELSA SPEAK is an application that helps you practice speaking English in the best way. 

ELSA Speak is an online English learning application created by an educational technology startup in Silicon Valley (Silicon Valley) in 2015. ELSA is an acronym for English Language Speech Assistant English.

ELSA Speak software uses exclusive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and speech recognition technology, providing accurate pronunciation correction to each syllable. At the same time, the application also gives detailed comments and guides users to correct them more accurately. In addition, ELSA also evaluates the similarity between the user’s pronunciation ability and the native English speakers to monitor progress in the learning process. 

Moreover, ELSA has many special features: 

+ Free pronunciation test 

+ Advanced AI voice recognition technology 

+ Huge collection of lessons with a variety of ‘topics’ 

+ Clear lesson plan

+ Friendly interface and easy operation 

+ The application has a free version and an upgrade at a relatively cheap cost. 

ELSA -SPEAK is a great assistant for practicing speaking English. 

It’s so fun and useful!                

Please try to download and use it!😊. Here is the link to download the application.

Review by: Huynh Thi Thuy Hang

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